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    Some common lines in life

    Date: 2019-11-12   Source: Weiqi

    Computer cable

    The computer cable is a cable that connects various external devices to the host computer, and is divided into a display cable, a power cable, and a data cable. The power cord is mainly to supply power to the device and to charge the battery. The display cable is used to connect the host graphics card output port or the motherboard display output port to the display input port. The data line is mainly connected to an external input, output or storage device through a computer serial port and a parallel port and a USB interface to achieve mutual information transmission. For example, the printer and the computer need to connect the printer USB cable, the mobile phone and the computer need a mobile phone USB cable, and the like.

    Display cable

    The display cable includes a data cable that connects the host to the display and a power cable that connects to the power supply.

    Common data cable types are: HDMI cable, VGA cable, DVI cable, and the Display Port (DP) and Mini Display Port cables that have become popular in recent years, as well as the latest Thunderbolt (mainly used for Apple's Mac product line after 2010)

    Common types of power cables are: the interface has three pins and two pin types.

    Printer cable

    The printer cable is the cable used to connect the printer to the computer. Generally divided into USB print cable and parallel port print cable.

    USB print cable

    Generally, the port is connected to the USB port and the printer is connected to the PIN5 port. The transmission speed is fast, it can be hot-swapped, and the printer driver can be loaded from the computer after the connection is completed.

    Parallel print line

    Refers to the print line that uses parallel transmission to transfer data. Because this interface is easily damaged and the transmission speed is slow, it is basically replaced by the USB interface.

    PCB interface

    PCB boards are used in every electronic product, except for capacitors, resistors, ICs, diodes, and triodes. The most important thing is the needle holder that can be connected to the wire. By soldering the needle holder and then pulling out a line with a connector, called the connection line, the advantage of the connection line is that it can be completed by cold pressing with a terminal machine without soldering. . Connection cable with connectors for easy maintenance and commissioning. In the equipment, if the line is short-circuited, we only need to change the line of the same specification, no need to solder with a soldering iron, which is environmentally friendly and simple. Bailev specializes in a variety of cables and offers a variety of solutions. The PCB board connection line, also called the terminal connection line, is a connection line made of a needle holder, a plastic case, a terminal, a wire, and is generally widely used inside the device. It is also a key point that cannot be ignored.

    Male and female cable

    The meaning of the male and female connecting lines is very simple, that is, a connecting line composed of a male connector and a female connector, which is called a male and female connecting line. Common male and female cables are commonly used in DC lines and terminal busbars for LED lights and drive power connections. The DC male busbar is injection-molded, that is, the DC head is welded and then injection-molded. The terminal busbar is cold-pressed on the wire and then inserted into the male and female connectors to become the terminal busbar. The male busbar is also convenient for maintenance and maintenance. For example, the lamp driver is broken, and the driver can be directly replaced without welding.