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    What is the cause of electronic aging?

    Date: 2019-11-12   Source: Weiqi

    For the electronic line, perhaps we all have a general understanding. After all, it is a very common species in our daily life, because we need it for everyday lighting. From the current status of the domestic electronic wire industry, the domestic cable manufacturing enterprises' electronic wire production technology, the quality of employees, the cable production capacity, and the cable production scale are very different. The competition for low-end electronic wire products is becoming more and more fierce. Line companies are all engaged in price wars, and the problem of the decline in the quality of electronic wires has become a common phenomenon.

    Perhaps after we have used it for a while, you will find that the electronic line is aging. What is the cause of the aging of the electronic line?

    The reasons for the aging of electronic wires are:

    External force damage, insulation moisture, chemical corrosion, long-term overload operation can cause the electronic wire to age quickly.