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    Analyze the HDMI cable market: low level competition, products need to be upgraded

    Date: 2019-11-12   Source: Weiqi

    If you walk into some electronic stores and want to buy a high-definition cable, the store staff will come up with a bunch of different products recommended to you, you will find the quality of these cables is uneven, the price from tens to hundreds, thousands Not waiting. For an ordinary user, you will definitely question, just a link line, how big is the gap?

    In fact, the confusion faced by consumers reflects some of the problems in the HDMI cable market. According to industry sources, there are very few companies that focus on high-definition cable in China. Many companies are doing peripheral cables for multiple related devices at the same time, which leads to the inability of HDMI cable quality to be fully considered. In addition, the industry has low thresholds and currently produces HDMI cables. In the "small and scattered" state, there are problems such as weak research and development capabilities and backward production equipment, resulting in serious product homogeneity and inevitable price war.

    It is reported that as a connection between the playback device and the display device, the quality of the HDMI cable directly affects the display effect of the television, projector or display. According to the above-mentioned person, the inferior connecting line makes the display interface corner ghost, picture color cast, water ripple and other phenomena, and the display parameters that should be automatically recognized are not recognized. Therefore, a good HDMI high-definition cable can make the display device achieve perfect display, which will greatly enhance the user's visual experience.

    It is understood that the current HDMI high-definition cable mainly uses copper as the transmission medium. With the advent of the ultra-high-definition 4K era, users have higher and higher requirements for image quality and function. As HDMI technology continues to move toward higher transmission rates, traditional copper connectors are facing signal attenuation, electromagnetic interference, and so on. In addition, the HDMI copper cable has a short limit, which is difficult to meet the long-distance high-definition transmission requirements of home theaters, large viewing halls, TV studios, and airport HD displays.